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Clayton's Diary for October

October 28, 2002 - Dear Diaria, This is Clayton. I'm riteing to you again. I ate soup for lunch. I wish all the kids would not smoke cigarettes. But I can smoke them. You are a book so how can you hear me? I went to find a job today. I went to garbageman place and they said that I was over qualified and they couldn't hire me. What is over qualified? I think my feet grewed last night, but I'm not sure. Or Adam might have tied my shoes to tight. Adam put a piece of yellow tape on the ceiling fan to keep me busy while he went on a date. And I gotted realy dizzy and passed out. Well I have Moose Nuts. Bye.

October 29, 2002 - Dear Diaria, This is Clayton again. You're a good friend. You never kick my face. I don't even have to wear a helmet to talk to you. I gotted horny in the store today and they told me to leave. So I didn't get no gummy bears. That's OK I gotted different color paint chips off of Adam's car models and ate them. I really gotta pee. I wanta trick or treat for halloween. But Adam says the big kids might pick on me. So I gotta stay home and wash his car. Oops, I don't gotta pee no more. I wish the kids weren't starving around the world. Well I'm hungry, I'm going to go eat. I got Moose Nuts. Bye.

October 30, 2002 - Dear Diaria, Today I peed at 10:27am. By the way this is Clayton. I asked the magic 8 ball why I have nipples, and it said Yes definetly. Adam got mad because of the phone bill me and my girlfriend ran up. He says that I can't date any girl with an area code that is 900. But we're buddies again, he let me watch him eat dinner. I was skateboarding on the treadmill earlier when I saw a piece of foil on the floor. I stared at it because it was shiny. That's why felled on my face. I wish that people weren't so violent cause it pisses me off. It makes me want to beat the hell out of them all. I gotta go night night. I have Moose Nuts. Bye

October 31, 2002